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POZ Showcase: The New Classic



The New Classic derives their name not from Iggy Azaela, but from a revamped & revitalized version of the band’s favorite old school indie rock tunes. Bright guitars and perfectly harmonized vocals are at the core of this quartet, bringing a sunny vibe that could very well be attributed to the members’ west coast origins. You can check out The New Classic’s self-titled album on Soundcloud.

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 Hit The Lights, Veara, All Time Low
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by Ashley Aron

Please list all of your band members and their roles in the band.
Matthew Graham – Vocals/Bass
Alfonzo Montiel – Guitar
Jimmy Borquez – Guitar
Vic Chan - Drums

What’s your hometown (or what are your hometowns)?
Tucson, AZ, by way of San Jose, CA; San Diego, CA; and El Paso, TX.

How did the band come together? How long has it been?
This band has been with this line up since spring of 2013.  The roots of this band could probably be traced back to 2010 when Matt fronted an earlier incarnation of this band under a different name.  We’ve all been playing in various bands over the years with our paths only crossing within the past year or so.

How have you grown since you started?
We’ve definitely grown more comfortable playing with each other and have a better idea of the sound we’re looking for now.  Our album just came out but we’ve already written about six or seven new songs.  Now that we have an album under our belts, we’re starting to get a better idea of ourselves as musicians and how we want to write songs. 
What sets you apart from other bands?
We’re just a good ol’ fashion rock band.  Big amps, big drums, no backing tracks, no gimmicks; just straight to the point.
What’s the best part about being in your band?
The best part would have to be writing songs that connect to people and being able to see places we never thought we would get to.  Also just playing live shows and seeing the reaction of people already knowing some of our songs.  Probably one of the best feelings in the world.
More times than not, influences tend to bleed through. What bands are currently inspiring the music that you’re making?
Some of our main influences across the board for all of us would have to be Jimmy Eat World and the Foo Fighters.  Other influences and bands that we’ve been pretty stoked on would be Taking Back Sunday, Saves the Day, The Menzingers, Balance & Composure, Hey Mercedes and Into it. Over it.

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NEW MUSIC VIDEO: The New Classic - “Reset”

The New Classic | Reset

see ya next month, california.

see ya next month, california.

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